When it comes to cheerleading, having the perfect outfit is only half of the equation.  Of course, your team’s athletic ability and coordination are the second.  Nonetheless, if you don’t have the uniforms for the first part of the equation, sometimes the second part of the equation doesn’t shine as much as it could. 

Cheerleading HairbowHave you ever wondered how to design a perfect hair bow?  Well, the good news is that at GK Elite, you can design hair bows to match your cheer uniforms so that you end up with a complete look for your team uniforms.

Did you know too that all the colors and fabrics that we have available for all GK Cheer Uniforms can be made into hair bows?  Of course, if you are more inclined for sparkles, you can add jewels too!

Cheerleading HairbowsFor the jewels, we sell two sorts of jewel kits:

  • Clear Glass Jewel Kit (includes 1,000 clear jewels and glue)
  • Brilliance Glass Jewel Kit (includes 1,000 brilliance jewels and glue)

If you aren’t sure about which hair bow is right for your team, then you might want to request a catalog, so that you can check out all of our cheerleading gear options as a team.

Do you already have our cheerleading hairbows?  How does your team like them?  Tell us about them by sharing a story or a comment with us on Facebook.