The Illinois Cheer Gym in Algonquin, Illinois is home to the Legendary Premier All-Star Cheerleaders.  Legendary Premier is where “stars become legendary,” so a custom GK cheer uniform was definitely in order for these athletes.

Sherrie Cantrell, Head Coach at LP, said, “Our GK uniform is durable, flexible and has an amazing fit!  This uniform looks, ‘Champion Status!’  The last thing a cheerleader wants to be concerned with when she performs is that the uniform is not comfortable.  The bonus with our Legendary Premier uniform is that we were able to work with GK and design our very own, one-of-a-kind uniform. We were able to express our LP style and GK helped us do just that! Thanks GK!”

LP’s cheer uniform is a custom GK creation from top to bottom.  Both pieces are made of mostly Black Nylon/Spandex and Gold Mystique with a touch of White Mystique.  The asymmetrical sleeve design is embellished with brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS along the style lines and finished with a sparkling SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS star on the bottom of the right sleeve.  Their coordinating cheerleading shorts have an asymmetrical look as well with a matching SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS created star on the lower left leg.  The LP logo on the center, front chest and the star on the center back are both created with more Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.  LP is set to sparkle from every angle on the competition floor.

To get your own custom look similar to LP, check out GK’s Side Panel Halter Cheer Crop Top U118 paired with our L-Rise V Waist Star Short U521L. Choose any fabric and any color combination to design a GK cheerleading uniform for your own custom look.  Add your team name or logo in your choice of jewels, appliqué embroidery or imprinting.

Click here to flip through the brand new 2013 GK Cheer Catalog.  Need some help? Find your local GK Cheer Territory Area Manager here for personal assistance.

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