Cheer Fusion All Stars from Fredericksburg, VA is a family oriented competitive cheer, hip hop and tumbling training facility for athletes ages four and up. They have teams and classes for all levels, which all rock GK cheer uniforms. Their recent success has really been rewarding to this team, especially due to some recent overwhelming challenges. Program Director and Coach, Mandi Spina, comments on one of Cheer Fusion’s biggest struggles, “I think one of the most notable accomplishments for our program was the entire 2012-2013 season. The tornado hit on July 8, 2012 and no one thought we could pull off getting back into a facility and having the teams compete.  With the help of the community and the industry we were able to do more than compete. We had our most successful season despite the worst of situations. Our athletes, coaches and parents rallied around everyone to make sure we would not crumble. Our Dream Team, who was in the building when the tornado hit, had the comeback story of the year.  To go from the wreckage of the building to winning US Finals was so surreal for all of us.  We’ve instilled in the athletes that we have been through the worst and nothing that comes our way is going to stop us as long as they believe in themselves and each other.”

Cheer Fusion teams have won numerous national titles and Worlds bids. They are currently in their 8th season for cheer and 7th season for hip hop. In 2013, they won the US Finals for Senior Co-Ed Level 4, Junior Hip Hop and the top 3 finishes for their Youth 2 and Junior 2 teams! Their Titanium Senior Co-Ed Hip Hop team attended Worlds for the past three years and were the Worlds Finalist in 2013, coming in at 9th place. Their Glam Junior 3 Team placed first in the US Finals ranking for October of 2013 & were the US Finals paid bid winner. Glam was also the overall Grand Champion at the Cheer & Dance Extreme Christmas Classic. As for their Dream Team Senior Co-Ed 4, they reached the top as the overall Grand Champion at the Cheer & Dance Extreme Spirit of Fall Classic 2013. Their Radioactive Crew Mini Hip Hop team also reached Grand Champion level at the Battle of the Burgh Pittsburgh 2013. Cheer Fusion’s J3Glam team, Level 3 won the Grand Champion at the Cheer & Dance Extreme MidAtlantic Premiere Open. The Senior Co-ed 4 Dream Team & Mini Hip Hop Radioactive Crew took first place as the Cheer Live World Wide Best Performance Winner at the Cheer & Dance Extreme MidAtlantic Premiere Open. They are thrilled that their Titanium team won at large a bid to Dance Worlds 2014. Finally, their Mini Hip Hop Radioactive Crew joined became Dance Grand Champions at the Cheer & Dance Extreme MidAtlantic Premier Open. There is certainly something for everyone at Cheer Fusion as their commitment to teamwork and developing new life skills surrounds the program.

Coach Mandi Spina comments on Cheer Fusion’s program, “At Fusion, we train our athletes to be prepared for any situation.  I treat cheerleading as any other sport treats their athletes.  I believe that teams should have the ability to adapt to any situation in competition.  My teams will have various stunt sequences they head into warm ups with. Depending on what other teams do in warm ups, we choose which sequence we’ll complete that day.  We promote excellence on and off the mat.  We coach our Tiny’s with the same determination and drive as we do our Senior teams.  I’m a firm believer that if you believe you can do it, anything is possible.  We’re living proof of that.”

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