This is not your typical high school cheerleading squad! Virgina Cheerleaders from Harrisburg High School wear their school logo, a bold Navy Mystique lightning bolt, on their shoulder to say, “We are the next level. Do you dare to compete?”

In their switch from traditional cheer uniforms to this electrifying and fashion forward statement, the Harrisonburg Blue Streaks chose a custom White DryTech, asymmetrical cheer leotard with a lightning bolt shoulder strap. The cheer leo is a huge trend in high school cheerleading uniforms right now because it provides the much needed marriage of comfort and full coverage. With the cheer leo, there’s no longer a need to tug at your cheer top during or after stunts. Everything stays in place, and moves along with you. It fits like a second skin. As a fashion statement, the cheer leo provides added creative avenues for continuous line designs through the arms and torso, as well as in the neckline, as you can see from Harrisonburg’s uniform. When completed with a Cheer Uniform Skirt, the entire look is streamlined. Here we see White DryTech fabric with Navy and Red Mystique lines that begin in the bodice and continue through the length of the arm, and even on the base of the skirt. A bold Red Mystique “H” is proudly displayed, front and center, and surrounded by clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that continue through the lightning streak shoulder.

There’s no doubt we’ve come a long way with cheerleading fashion. The question is, can you keep up? For inspiration, browse our Special Order Design Studio where you’ll see lots of options that will give you that extra edge you’re looking for. A good place to start is our School Fit Uniforms because this category features the latest trends in high school cheer tops, cheer leos, and various lengths of cheer skirts and skorts. You can learn more about school fit uniforms in our interview with GK Account Manager, Kyle Gadke.

Nicely done, Harrisonburg Blue Streaks! We’re anxious to see where you go from here.

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