Cheer Trixx All Star Cheerleading from Penn Run, PA stepped up their look with new GK All Star cheer uniforms! The co-ed teams of various levels were ready for a look that would earn them the attention they deserve. In collaboration with their local GK Cheer representative they successfully designed three different All Star cheer uniforms to meet the needs of each of their teams, all with one consistent look. As you can see, the Cheer Trixx athletes are so happy with their choice!

Cheer Trixx All Star Cheerleading used sparkling fabric to take their All Star cheer uniforms to the next level! Here, a combination of Mystique and Hologram fabrics create this radiant look. The women’s special order Fierce Strappy Crop Top U144 and Fierce Strappy Uniform Top U144L both have Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to accent the straps and design lines. This top is designed in our Sunshine Mystique, Imperial Purple Mystique, and White Sparkle Hologram fabrics and features an asymmetrical neck line with long sleeves, and a fierce strappy back. The Cheer Trixx logo is proudly displayed on the front of each uniform with a Sunshine Mystique lightning bolt and “CT” in Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. The team chose our Low Rise Asymentrical Swirl Short U509L in the same fabrics to create a continuous look for their youth teams, and chose to give their advanced squad a more distinguished style with a custom designed cheerleading skirt which features a bold lightning bolt pattern and a heavy dose of White Sparkle Hologram that’s consistent with the pattern on the crop top. This skirt  features attached spankies in Sunshine Mystique.

Cheer Trixx All Star Cheerleading Male Athletes go brilliant and bold with an Imperial Purple Mystique Special Order V neck Raglan Men’s Uni Top UM104 and matching Purple Ponte Special Order Men’s Basic Cheer Uni Pant UM500. This solid silhouette is accented with  Sunshine Mystique style lines that trace the shoulders and sleeves and an embellished “CT” logo to coordinate with the rest of the team apparel. Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS give added glow to the striking men’s uniform.

Cheer Trixx definitely knows how to elevate their style! Choose GK Cheer to take your team to the next level this season. Contact your local cheer representative to get started today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.