Every now and then we get letters from teams that put what we do into perspective. When you get caught up in the routine of producing the highest-quality cheer garments in the world day in, day out, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.

Here is a letter sent to GK’s Eastern Maryland Territory Account Manager Vivian Giordani by a team she helped outfit in GK.


I hope your week is going well and you’re looking forward to some downtime with family! We wanted to reach out quickly and express our gratitude for everything you’ve done for TKO MD. 

Receiving our uniforms was a really meaningful moment for our new program. While the majority of girls are no strangers to All-Star, TKO MD Goddesses represents something a bit different for them. The connection they have with one another and Coach Marcus is exceptional and it really shows on the mat. Not to mention the dedication, commitment and passion they show for the sport on a daily basis. It was only fitting that our uniforms be just as beautiful and remarkable as our girls are on the inside. 

And you all NAILED IT. We adore our uniforms and couldn’t have been more proud at our program’s very first competition on Saturday. The Goddesses did well, bringing home First Place and a bid to The Finale! Here’s a picture of The Goddesses in their uniform.

Again, we cannot thank you enough for your help during this process! Happy Holidays!

Xiavian Brown

Administrative Director

TKO MD All Stars

The truth is, we aren’t curing any diseases or sending anyone into space. We just make pretty garments the best way we know how. Knowing that we can bring a team together or make just one athlete feel like a superstar for even an instant means the world to us. In our book, putting a smile on someone’s face is just as important as putting a rocket on the moon.??✨

Congrats on your win, TKO! GK thanks you and every other team who reminds us why we do what we do.

Choice of Champions.