Green Bay’s Fusion Athletics tried something a little different for their newest custom cheer uniform. They combined a leotard, practice wear top, and shorts into one slick look that can be worn a number of ways!


Here’s what one of GK’s talented designers, Emily H., had to say.

“This garment is so unique in that it combines a flashy and fierce look with a more conservative and athletic silhouette. The sports bra adds to the flashy design and can also double as a day two or practice wear set. The athletes can opt to wearing just the bra top with the bling-y shorts or can rock all three pieces at one time! It was great working with the team and being able to make their uniform ideas come to life!”

Melissa Brauer, Fusion Athletics Green Bay Owner & Program Director told us “We are so excited about our new uniforms! Kyle was so awesome to work with. From concept to delivery it was easy and fun!  I was nervous to go with a Leo, but now can’t imagine anything different, it’s so clean and streamlined!”

No more worrying about exposed midriffs during stunts and tumbling passes! If you’d like to find out more about GK’s custom cheer options, contact your local sales rep and start designing today! Don’t have a sales rep near you? Our customer service department is happy to help!  They are available Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 5:30pm Eastern Time at(800) 345-4087.

Choice of Champions.