Last week we featured our favorite Instagram Moments from D2 Summit. This week we’re bringing you our favorite GK uniforms worn at the event. Of course, every uniform that comes out of GK headquarters is gorgeous and features the best fit in the industry (we are the same company that makes leotards trusted by Olympic athletes all over the world, after all), but the uniforms you’re about to see were absolute showstoppers in their own right.

Upper Marion rocks a cool strappy-back custom with a blinged-out logo on the front. And check out those style lines on the arms and down the sides of the shorts!

Here’s another look from the same Gym for a different team.

The Sharks look ready to take a bite out of life (and the competition!) in this clever little uni featuring a cool shark bite mesh cutout.

Fullout is all about high contrast, sleek mesh accents, and subtle sparkle details that all combine for some major wow-factor on stage!

Titanium rocks it in a foil red sublimation for maximum shine!

Revolution keeps it simple with clean, crisp lines and bold contrast for an elegant look that demands attention. When the whole team came out on stage, EVERYONE took notice.

Does your team rock GK and have a winning look? Tag #gkcheer on social media and maybe you’ll find yourself on our feed or right here on the GK Cheer Blog!