Become a part of the legacy that has transformed cheerleading and gymnastics apparel for decades. GK’s designs have graced the world’s most prestigious stages, from the Cheerleading Worlds to the Games – the most elite athletes in the world proudly wear GK.

We’re in search of athletes who embody the GK legacy of athleticism and uniqueness to represent us in their communities, schools, gyms, and at competitions across the world.

Perks of being an ELITE:

  • Access to exclusive designs, discounts, and experiences
  • Real photoshoot opportunities for every ELITE
  • Opportunity to appear in the 2020 GK All Star catalog
  • Access to a community of athletes from across the country
  • Work with top Twisted choreographers and talent from around the world

How to Apply:

  • Attend one of our casting calls or fill out an online application
  • At the casting call, you’ll interview with a member of our team and have the opportunity to ask questions
  • Take photos at the optional photoshoot with Jerry Hughes, for an additional cost
  • If you do not plan to participate in the photoshoot, please submit your photos via the online application for your casting call

Dates and Locations:

May 3-4 – Orlando, Florida

May 19 – Denver, Colorado

June 1-2 – Atlantic City, New Jersey

June 8 – Chicago, Illinois

June 15 – Dallas, Texas

June 22 – Atlanta, Georgia

Online Casting Call Submission

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is eligible to become an ELITE?

Any competitive cheerleader (male and female) who is at least 6 years old by August 31, 2019. There is no maximum age to try out, but you must be a competitive cheerleader for the 2019-2020 season.

What should I bring to the casting call? 

Before arriving, please fill out the online application, even if you are signed up with Jerry Hughes to participate in the photoshoot. We will use your online application to check you in.

When you arrive, we will have you sign a release form for your photos.

Please arrive photoshoot ready, with hair and makeup done. For the photoshoot, you must be wearing GK apparel.

What should I expect at the casting call?

The casting call is an opportunity for us to get to know you and for you to meet our team. When you arrive, if you’re participating in the photoshoot, you will spend 20 minutes taking photos.

After your photoshoot is complete, you will interview in a group of 3-5 people with a member of the GK All Star staff. The questions are simple and we’re just looking to get to know you a little better.

You will have the opportunity to meet other athletes there and a few special guests might be stopping by!

We will also have a popup shop and we have invited other brands to join us.

Why should I attend a casting call?

It’s beneficial to attend a casting call because we have the opportunity to put a face to the name and get to know you. And you also get a chance to meet us and get a sense of what it’s like to be an ELITE. You will also have the opportunity to meet new people and shop exclusive looks!

Am I required to book a photoshoot time slot?

No! Photo shoots are optional and walk-ins are welcome. If you do not submit an online application beforehand, we will have you do it onsite.

What should I wear to the casting call? 

To participate in the photoshoot, you must be wearing GK apparel. You can wear any GK apparel or uniform you already own or you may purchase apparel that we have onsite. We have options at every price point available on our website here as well.

How will GK use my photos?

If you decide to participate in the photoshoot, your photos may be used in campaigns, on the web, on social media or elsewhere within the Elites Sportswear family of brands. We will never sell your photos to any other company or allow them to use them.

Are there age requirements?

Yes – the minimum age to become an ELITE is 6 years old as of August 31, 2019. There is no maximum age, but you must still be a cheerleader.

How long is the interview?

The interview will consist of 3-4 questions and should only take 5-10 minutes.

Have any other questions?

Shoot an email to and we’ll answer any other questions you may have.